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Thank you for visiting! Here at Digital Tintypes we can turn any of your favorite digital photographs into handmade tintypes and ambrotypes.

We also work with Chicago Tintypes, taking appointments for in camera tintype sittings for visitors to the Chicago area.

Featured Products

Create a tintype from your photograph

We are a full service digital tintype studio and specialize in digital tintypes providing an opportunity for anyone to own a tintype. Our team treats each image as a historical artifact and takes great care to provide you with the highest quality product.

Our digital tintypes are created from authentic collodion formulas that we make by hand.  Our collodion recipes are created from the 1860's photographer's formula book, The Silver Sunbeam.  We make our varnish by hand as well, it is created using the same traditional formulas that have served photographers for well over 150 years.

We also create custom sizes, contact us for more information about custom sizing or get started with our easy order process by selecting a size

Digital Tintype
Tintype Pouring Collodion for a Digital Tintype

Multiple Plate Styles Available

We offer four different plate styles for any digital tintype product. Each has their own tone and reflective quality. See the videos below for more detail

Rose Gold Plate

Brown Plate


A little info about our team!

April 17, 2014

Digital Tintypes was born out of a passion for testing the boundaries of what was possible in merging modern digital images and traditional photographic processes. Meet Jen & Simon:

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From iPhone tinstamatic to tintype in hand!

April 09, 2014

We really like using the tinstamatic app for taking fun iphone photos with a tintype flare.  Why not take some of those iphone tintypes and turn them into tintype you can hold in your hand.  Here is another one we recently made:)  Fun with tintypes! the iPhone tintstamatic the tintype in hand! 

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