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Create a wet plate collodion tintype or ambrotype from your favorite photograph!

We are a full service wet plate collodion studio specializing in creating tintypes and ambrotypes from uploaded digital files and old photographs.  We created this service to provide an opportunity for anyone to create a wet plate collodion heirloom of their cherished memories. Our team treats each image as a historical artifact and takes great care to provide you with the highest quality product.

Our digital tintypes and ambrotypes are created from authentic collodion formulas that we make by hand.  Our collodion recipes are created from the 1860's photographer's formula book, The Silver Sunbeam.  We make our varnish by hand as well, it is created using the same traditional formulas that have served photographers for well over 150 years.

We also create custom sizes, contact us for more information about custom sizing or get started with our easy order process by selecting a size

Digital Tintype

Multiple Plate Styles Available

We offer four different plate styles for any digital tintype product. Each has their own tone and reflective quality. See the videos below for more detail

Rose Gold Plate

Brown Plate


Tintype app vs. Tintype plug in for Hipstamatic

October 28, 2014

There are a few tintype apps out there for your smart phones.  Two of the apps actually make pretty neat digital images.  We wanted to take a closer look at the benefits and differences between the two apps and see which of the two make better digital files for output.  First the new TinType app available in the app store.  This app allows you to shoot an image or upload a pre-existing photograph from your camera's photo stream.  Once your photograph is taken or uploaded, you have a couple of options for editing your image.  You can adjust the tintype to be in black and white or in color, the color is reminiscent of painting photographs with pastels in it's...

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Our review of the new hipstamatic tintype app.

October 23, 2014

Earlier this week Hipstamatic released a new version of their tintype app, available in the app store.  This addition features the ability to crop in a rectangle, adjust the tonality of the image, add color and distressing as well as cropping capabilities.  It is a fun improvement on the previous version and we love it!  So now that you will be making tintypes on your phone how will you print them?  Well why not send them to us and let us turn that digital tintype into a real deal tintype that you can hold?    From the Hipstamatic tintype app to a real deal tintype you can hold in your hand!  Get started with you upload here   We can't...

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Making tintypes from digital photos.

October 09, 2014

There are more ways to print and display your photographs than we can keep track of or count.  Upload your photographs to canvas or print to vinyl, make a photo book or an online stream of your favorite photographs.  These are all great ways to create and live with your favorite photographs, but how long will they really last?  The reason we love to turn your digital and old photographs into wet plate collodion tintypes and ambrotypes is because of the longevity that the process provides.  It is important for our team to provide you with an image that will last generation, we like to think that we are helping your preserve your history in a timeline of photographs.  Our...

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How to make a tintype with a Hasselblad camera

September 09, 2014

The Hasselblad, what a beautiful camera!  Below is my Hasselblad and Zeiss lens, a powerful analog machine of fine metal, glass and craftsmanship.  Modifying a polaroid back to create tintypes is a very simple process.  You simply need to glue a few strips of plastic into your polaroid holder to hold your metal plate.  I used a little too much gorilla glue on the polaroid back below, but it functions and that is the important piece! Paired with the Hasselblad and Polaroid back above, I am able to create some very unique miniature tintype portraits. Here I am speaking to a collector's group for MOPA San Diego about the tintype process and using unconventional techniques to modify cameras and create...

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