Digital Tintype

Thank you for trusting our team to recreate your heirloom photograph!  

How to order:

Choose your selected size and style, then add to cart.

Follow our automatic prompts as our system asks for your shipping address and payment information.

Once your payment is processed, our image uploader will prompt you to upload your photograph.  If you have an ad blocker installed on your web browser, our image uploader might be unable to pop up.  If this happens, simply attach your image to the order confirmation email and our team will confirm the image and order.  Any questions? Just reach out!

You are all set!  Expect a receipt with confirmation of the order to follow in your email.  If you have any questions, just reach out and we are happy to help you with the process!

We also arrange a prepaid mailing label if you are wanting to recreate a photograph you have in print.  Just reach out to our team if you want to make these arrangements. 

It doesn’t matter if your original is a black and white or color photograph, we take the time to make sure each section of your picture is of the best replication quality possible before crafting your new work.  We do minor touch ups of every photograph free of charge.  If there are areas of damage, we offer a full restoration service. 

A Digital Tintype is an authentic tintype made from your photos making it a creative and unique way to preserve and display favorite images from your digital library or photo albums. Making tintypes will guarantee your image will be visible for generations to come as an heirloom to be treasured and passed from parent to child.

Each one of our tintypes is hand made with the finest chemical process to guarantee longevity in your heirloom photograph.  We use traditional silver gelatin film to make each and every one of our wet plate collodion works.  

Our goal is to make the best quality wet plate collodion tintype of your photograph.  To achieve this, we keep our photographic process analog and first create a negative for exposure.  

Why make a negative?  It is very important to keep the entire process photographic to maintain the quality of the replication.  There are subtle details in tone that make up the silver shading that is your photograph.  Those can only be preserved by making a negative to expose.  Our wet plate collodion photographer, Jen Jansen, has decades of experience in restoring photographs to their original papers and frames.  If you have questions about your order, or want to check in about our process, just reach out.  We will most likely email you back within the day to answer any of your questions!  

  • Restore a family photo and preserve a family history

  • Create a family heirloom to be passed down for generations

We offer two different plate styles for your digital tintype order. These styles are: black and rose gold. You must select one of these plate styles before adding an order to your cart. Each one creates its own beautiful effect for your uploaded image. Rose gold is highly reflective, and the black plate is a more matted surface and that of a traditional tintype. To see a video of how each style reflects light, click each of the links below.

Digital Tintype - Black Plate 

Digital Tintype Black Plate


Digital Tintype - Rose Gold Plate 

Digital Tintype Rose Gold Plate Style

Standard processing time is 4 weeks.  If you need to expedite your order, we offer rush service of 5 business days.  Simply select 'rush shipping' at checkout.  For details on shipping click here

While we don’t know the stories behind the photographs we make into tintypes, we do know how very important cherished images can be and we treat each piece like a precious part of history.  We are a preservation service you can depend on for your family history!  

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