Over time, photographs can become the only reminder one may have of a dear relative or friend. Our restoration service can help breathe new life into our lost memories. Restoring damaged photographs transforms faded originals into new images that can be appreciated for generations. If your photographs need just a minor touch up or extensive photographic repair, we are able to help bring those family faces into sharp focus. We are able to create our classic tintype and ambrotype works or we can also create a silver gelatin or painted photograph for custom orders. Bringing photographs back to life is a true passion of ours. We can restore almost any image to it's intended beauty. If you want to get started on a restoration project, email our team to begin the process! Reach out to to begin to restore your family's history!

If you have an old case that is important to your family, we are able to add one of our hand poured ambrotypes or tintypes to your antique case for a custom fit. We are also able to help you to restore your old images to their original beauty with our restoration service. Our team is happy to send you a prepaid mailing label to send in your case. We reach out to you when receiving the package to discuss the details of your work. It is always our goal to create the finest wet plate collodion tintype and ambrotype restorations for your family so your history continues it's story through the next generation.

It does take a lot of work to restore and breathe new life into damaged photographs. Often the process takes hours of pouring over the fine details of damage that require a hand technique as each crack and bit of wear is unique to each photograph. Our photographs age with time as do we, and are as unique. Overtime older photographs can become broken or faded, they can pick up smoke or some odd particuate in the atmosphere that can effect how the images age. Our team is meticulous with the details to do our utomost best work to bring your broken photo back to life. We always advise our clients along the way about what would be best for their photographs. We treat each photograph and restoration project as it is one of our own family works. We never rush the details or the process to provide you the finest wet plate collodion tintype or ambrotype restoration.

We know you need to really trust the team that is going to restore your family history. It is a precious skill to slowly convert a photograph to a tintype. Each time we transfer a photograph to an ambrotype, we are preserving a little bit of someone's history. Jen has been restoring photographs for over 20 years, and is a master at her skill. Just read some of the beautiful feedback and reviews our client's have about working with our team to restore their family's cherished memories. Please also visit Jen's other website to see her custom restoration work for families worldwide.