January 26, 2021

Married in 2011? This is the year of your tenth anniversary!

The tenth anniversary is one of tin.  We love to help our clients preserve their favorite wedding photograph by exposing it as a silver rich wet plate collodion photograph!  These traditional photographs can be plated to metal or glass.  The traditional anniversary gift of tin and silver is one that will be cherished for generations.
December 08, 2020

Your 10th anniversary moment is forever!

The 10th anniversary is the gift of tin.  What could be a better gift for your forever sweetheart than one of the traditionally made tintype.  The wet plate collodion photographic process began in the 1850's and renders images of silver on metal sheets of tin alloy.  Our wet plate collodion tintypes continue this hand poured photographic tradition while offering our clients the ability to turn their old photos or digital images into hand held silver rich heirlooms!  If you need help editing your wedding photograph to create this anniversary heirloom, just reach out to our team and we are happy to help you make the most perfect tenth anniversary gift! 

Your tenth anniversary is special!  Let us help you make the traditional tenth anniversary gift of tin.

December 07, 2020

The 5 best photographs to tintype!


2020 has been one long year!  We hope everyone in your family is safe and healthy.  Thank you to all of you who have been working so hard to take care of all of us and keep us healthy!  Take that Covid-19!

This year is really the perfect year to gift a special photographic memory to those family members you can't hug this holiday season.  Our tintypes and ambrotypes are a little hug your loved one can hold and remember times shared. 

There are so many special moments to convert into a tintype.  The top 5 moments we end up creating for our clients worldwide are:

1. 10th anniversary

2. newborn baby

3. restoration and new creation of old family photographs

4. wedding moments

5. group family photographs

If you need help creating the perfect gift for this holiday season, just reach out and our team is happy to help!  We can even rush things to be in time for your special moment.  Happy holidays from all of us at Digital Tintypes!  We wish you all a safe and healthy 2021!

November 17, 2020

Tintype artwork

Here is the latest art piece from our in house tintype artist, Jen Jansen.  This piece is soon to be available in a limited addition print run.  If you are interested in this tintype artwork, or more of our one of a kind pieces email us your interest.

October 27, 2020

In house tintype sessions from our Chicago studio or on location

Did you know we not only take your digital files and turn them into tintypes, we also arrange custom wet plate collodion tintype and ambrotype sessions from our Chicago studio or on location.

Setting up a custom tintype session with Jen is an experience in stepping back in time!  Jen uses original cameras made in Chicago to capture a modern portrait with a vintage piece of photographic equipment.  We can also arrange for your tintype portrait session on location for a special setting or event.  For more info, send us an email about arranging a wet plate collodion session in 4x5, 5x7, 8x10, and 11x14 sizes. 

Here are some plates from a recent session with Chelsea Blasko, the “Designated Adult” and a Partner at Iron Galaxy Studios, wants women and those who feel “othered” to reach for their dreams. She strives to make sure Iron Galaxy welcomes diversity and is a place people can bring their whole selves to work. Chelsea knows that what makes us individual is what makes us special.She loves partnering with and highlighting other professional women who inspire her every day.  "Being different is beautiful."



August 20, 2020

What is the best way to preseve a digital photo?

What about taking your favorite summertime photograph and let us turn it into a tintype or ambrotype made of silver and light.  These hand poured images are unique and will last generations.

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August 19, 2020

What is the best gift for your wedding anniversary?

Hands down the best gift is always a sentimental one!  We love creating these heirloom tintypes for our clients.  The silver that creates the images on your plate will stand the test of time. 


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