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Making hand held metal tintypes and glass ambrotypes from digital files at!

By Jen Jansen

June 5th, 2014

Chicago, IL - Digital Tintypes celebrated the anniversary of their first year in business with the announcement of a new line of wet plate collodion ambrotypes!  Now anyone in the world can visit, upload their favorite digital image, and have that image exposed as a one of a kind metal tintype or glass ambrotype.  

Wet plate collodion tintype and ambrotype photography began in the 1850’s.  It is a process that renders a silver image directly onto a metal or glass sheet.  All of the chemistry and techniques used at are the same as those created in the 1850’s. has perfected a technique of transferring digital files to film, and then exposing that film to metal tintype or glass ambrotype sheets.  This makes the treasured 1850’s process accessible to modern families who are looking for an alternative printing process that creates not only a one of a kind image, but also a very permanent image that can be passed on as a photographic heirloom. offers both professionals and amateurs alike a new possibility in printing and sharing their favorite photographs. We provide clients with the highest quality tintype and ambrotypes to preserve their family memories and life’s memorable events.  

Tintypes are available in multiple sizes and four different plate color styles including black, brown, high polish silver, and rose gold. Ambrotypes are available in multiple sizes and three different glass color styles including ruby red, cobalt blue, and opaque black. Jewelry selections including pendants and cufflinks can also be created from uploaded files and are available in limited quantities.

Visitors to use a three step upload process to make their tintype or ambrotype. First they select their plate size and style.  Then they proceed to checkout.  Once they have placed their order they are prompted to upload an image to be processed.  These tintypes and ambrotypes are then hand poured, shipped and delivered, ready to frame. also takes in camera tintypes for people who are visiting the Chicago area and would like to experience what it is like to sit for a tintype in studio.  Available in three different sizes, sittings are booked with wet plate photographer Jen Jansen, co-founder of



Jen Jansen

Chicago, IL