Tintype Types and Plate Styles

Tintype Flavors

We offer two different plate styles for your digital tintype order.  These styles are: black and rose gold.  You must select one of these plate styles before adding an order to your cart.  Each one creates its own beautiful effect for your uploaded image.  Rose gold is highly reflective, whereas, the black is a more matted surface and that of a traditional tintype.  To see video of how each style reflects light, click each of the links below. You can see examples in our gallery.

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Click the links below to see a short video of each plate style's reflective quality. 

What people say about us

✮✮✮✮✮ From Newspaper clipping to Tintype, success!
All I had of my Great Great Grandmother was a Newspaper sketch in an article. It turned out just fabulous! Great job and something we can now keep forever! Thank you!

Sandra F. 12/30/15  

✮✮✮✮✮ Great anniversary gift!
I had a tintype made of one of our wedding photos to give my husband for our tenth anniversary. It made a wonderful, unique "tin" anniversary present. Great people to work with--they made sure they got my tintype to me in time for our anniversary.

Diana O. 5/21/16