October 09, 2014

Making tintypes from digital photos.

There are more ways to print and display your photographs than we can keep track of or count.  Upload your photographs to canvas or print to vinyl, make a photo book or an online stream of your favorite photographs.  These are all great ways to create and live with your favorite photographs, but how long will they really last?  The reason we love to turn your digital and old photographs into wet plate collodion tintypes and ambrotypes is because of the longevity that the process provides.  It is important for our team to provide you with an image that will last generation, we like to think that we are helping your preserve your history in a timeline of photographs.  Our tintypes and ambrotypes are little heirlooms that will be with your family for generations.  So if you are wondering how to print and preserve your favorite memory in a permanent and beautiful way, look no further than here at www.digitaltintypes.com.  We are also happy to speak with you about archiving large quantities of all types of photographs, no project is too big or small!