March 17, 2022

Ambrotypes made by hand

Why trust us to make your tintypes or ambrotypes?  Hands down, we make the finest replications in the world. We make a silver gelatin negative of your digital file before we expose your ambrotype or tintype in the traditional chemical process.  We make all our chemistry by hand using our own formulas we have modified from the 1860’s photographers hand book, The Silver Sunbeam.  Our work is made by hand, by wet plate collodion photographer, Jen Jansen.  She is an expert in the field and a master darkroom printer.  Simply check out her personal work to get an understanding of her 25 years of photographic experience.  There aren’t any shortcuts with our work, if we can’t make It perfect, we don’t make it, simple as that.  Your memories are heirlooms and that is why we created this business.  It’s not a printing service, but a slow brew, handmade, heirloom photographic process of creating true artwork of your images.  Everything we do is to make your ambrotypes and tintypes the best quality they can.  You can always tell quality of replication and find a master printer’s work when you look at the mid tones, those subtle shades that build into shadows and build out of highlights.  The mid tones hold the depth of an image, the subtle details you should never erase.  That’s why we are the best!  Each image is first gone over and selectively dodged or burned in areas needing more or less detail, as well as selectively slightly sharpened in areas or restored if damaged.  These fine touches come with each plate as a part of our service.  We also offer additional restoration if needed for severely damaged works.