Tintype Tuesday!

What a wee tiny love bug!  This piece was a special order for Mother's Day.  This pendant features a red rose tintype on the front and a tintype of very happy newborn on the back.  The original was uploaded from an iPhone!  We love creating one of a kind pieces to treasure, and are always happy to customize any order to your unique specifications!

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the original, we did close the left eye to match the right everything else is unedited

Favorite first baby memories!

We get a lot of favorite family photographs to work with and turn into tintypes.  This one was too cute we had to share!  New little J on black metal.

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Incredibly creative kids!

In creating tintypes we get some pretty amazing family images and stories.  This tintype was just created for Mother's Day and when we first saw the image in our uploader we had to get the story of these two boys.  Thanks to their Dad for sharing their story and tintype!



"The tintype arrived and it is absolutely awesome!  My boys are very excited to give it to their mother on Mother's Day. Thank you!

As for the picture, this is the Halloween costume they chose last year.  I am a computer administrator by profession, but my wife and I choose to limit the amount of time that can be wasted on technology through video games and tv.  Instead, my wife, a librarian, always reads to them....a lot!  As a result, my boys have always been big into playing dress-up.  They like to recreate historical events and other things that they read in books.  So we always have lots of 'visitors' from history stopping by to tell us a tale.  It's not uncommon to have visits from Miami War Chief's and pilgrims like William Bradford and Christopher Jones (attached below).  And yes, they design their own outfits!  It's understood in our house that if you can't find an article of clothing you need to check the dress-up box. 

Thanks again for the wonderful tintype."


Upcycled Film cassette jewelry!

Turning film cassettes into unique earrings!  Our pieces are all made by hand and no two are exactly alike.  Show your love of analog film or give as a gift for your favorite photo lover. 

digital tintypes


Make mom a gift she will just love!

Mother's Day is right around the corner.  This year give her something other than flowers and chocolate.  Turn her favorite childhood photo of you into a tintype or ambrotype that she will love for a lifetime.

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From iPhone tinstamatic to tintype in hand!

We really like using the tinstamatic app for taking fun iphone photos with a tintype flare.  Why not take some of those iphone tintypes and turn them into tintype you can hold in your hand.  Here is another one we recently made:)  Fun with tintypes!

the iPhone tintstamatic

the tintype in hand! 

Tintype Snappak from Hipstamatic

We love tintypes!  It seems that we are not alone in our love of everything tintype.  Have you seen the Tintype Snappak from Hipstamatic?  It is a plug in for the Hipstamatic app that allows you to take a photograph with the look of a tintype filter.  It seems the filter mimics a Petzval lens and collodion pour off marks.  It is a go to on my iphone for when I want to snap a fun photo and post to instagram.  Why not also upload these fun tintypes to make a real deal tintype you can hold in your hand not just swipe on your phone?  Our 2.5 x 2.5" tintype is the perfect size for these fun Hipstamatic tintypes.  Upload your favorite digital tintypes, get started here.

digital tintype how to make a tintype wet plate collodion

the 'tintype' from the Hipstamatic app

digital tintype how to make a tintype wet plate collodion

an actual tintype made from a Hipstamatic digital file

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