Ambrotypes are Glass Photos from your Uploaded Images


Photographic Glass Plates 

What is an Ambrotype?

An Ambrotype is a photographic positive image made using the wet collodion technique of hand poured chemicals onto a glass plate. These silver images, like tintypes or daguerreotypes, are of an early form of photography that still captures crisp beautifully clear images that arrest the eye and can last for hundreds of years. This makes it a unique and rare art form still practiced by very few around the world today.

How We Make Ambrotypes

The beautiful glass photo plates we make are made with your uploaded pic and snaps using the traditional hand poured process from the 1860s. Your treasured photos printed on glass. These plates are available in three glass styles:
  • Ruby Red
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Opaque Black
Each ambrotype is shipped boxed with a small easel easy to display, or pop into a frame.  Our ambrotypes are sized to fit standard sized frames.
Sized to fit, our handmade ambrotypes compliment any modern frame.
We use 1/8" thick glass in ruby red, cobalt blue, or opaque black.  
Handcrafted from uploaded digital files or scanned paper prints, our ambrotypes make a one of a kind gift.

Choose From Our Three Sizes