August 12, 2020

Top five memories people don't want to forget!

What are the top five photographic memories that families want to preserve?  What memories of your own do you see on this list?

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August 11, 2020

Wedding and 10th anniversary gift

Looking to create the most unique photographic heirloom to commemorate your wedding or anniversary?  Our custom gift sets are the perfect way to celebrate the most important day in your life.   Sealed in varnish that will stand the test of time, your one of a kind tintype gift is a frozen moment of silver made by hand with lots of love!

Feel free to reach out to our staff to help you pick out the perfect size gift set to suit your precious memory. 


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February 12, 2020

Tenth Anniversary, The Gift of Tin | Digital Tintypes

What is the perfect gift for your 10th Anniversary?

Do you need an meaningful gift that will last for generations?

How do you plan to celebrate your tenth anniversary?  

At Digital Tintypes we create one of a kind wet plate collodion tintypes and ambrotype should to mark the special date in your family history!  Packaged ready to gift, we can turn any image into a beautiful wet plate collodion tintype your special sweetie will just love!  We make each plate with your family in mind and treat each image like an heirloom.  

February 12, 2020

Tenth anniversary

The tenth anniversary is celebrated traditionally with a gift of tin.  We love to create these pieces for our clients.  To celebrate your tenth anniversary or to commemorate a special photographic memory for your family, we are here to preserve your legacy of images! 

November 06, 2018

Best tenth anniversary gift!

What are you creating for your special 'tin anniversary'?  How can you create a tintype from an old photograph or digital file?  Can you make a tintype of an old wedding photo?  YES!  We create tintypes of your special day to preserve your heirloom memory.  Now offering special wooden display stands with the option to add text!

December 05, 2014

Tintype Holiday!

Not sure what to gift for the holiday?  We have gift certificates for sale that you can gift to make this year an easy gifting season.  Our gift certificates are available in three different sizes, we can create a custom gift certificate if you prefer.  To create a custom gift certificate email Jen at and she will help you get your order under way.  If you would like to order directly from our gift certificate page, simply click this link! Happy tintype holiday!

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November 26, 2014

Making photographic heirlooms for the holiday.

What are you gifting your family this holiday season?  We all have that box of old photographs tucked away in the house.  Surprise your family this year by creating tintype and ambrotype photographs that will become heirlooms your family will cherish.  We are happy to create custom pieces, and do offer expert restoration of old photographs if that is needed.  contact Jen at to get started or click to upload for tintypes or ambrotypes!  #bestgiftever

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